Breakfast on the Veranda

Breakfast on the Veranda

Hello Socialites!!!

In the winter months I find that like most people, I fall victim to a little seasonal affect funk because I don’t get as many hours to play in the sun. Every now and then I like to sit outside and just enjoy the briskness and think. And nothing soothes a little chill like a hot cup of chai. Yes, there are still some weirdos left who do not drink coffee for breakfast and instead love to sip on a nice, sweet, gentle cup of glitter. That’s me. I’m weird. Or maybe genius. It’s your call. I still think I’m cool. If I ever stuck to a ritual for more than 30 days, it would be that. Sitting on the veranda, drinking tea.

The luxuries I have today were never ones I had dreamed of. And my mother and to think of it, her mother, never had the luxury to just be. To sit and sip. To savor a moment and wonder who she could be with a little sweat. But I get to do that. And…. in all honesty, it’s not lost on me. I am grateful. More than grateful… in awe. Do I deserve this? Yes! Do I believe that? Hmmmm…sometimes. I think most women feel that it is our job to nurture others and ONLY others. I had to learn to say, “mommy is going on the patio to think so please do not disturb me unless there is an emergency.” So of course, everything became an emergency to a 5 year old. So I had to ask for what I needed. “Sweetie (I call him sweetie…he he), I’ll be out on the patio having a cup of tea, can you keep the kids inside for a little while and make sure they don’t disturb me so I can get some things done?” “I can easily get lost in my book so come check on me in about 45 minutes, ok?”

It’s important to ask, but not for permission. There’s a difference. In our marriage, we balance each others self care time and although one is not more important than the other’s, we check in just to make sure one person could use it a little more and that’s who takes a break first. And if we both need it…bad… Minecraft and snacks in the gameroom is a perfect distraction for the kids. They don’t mind. So take a moment on the veranda today. Refresh. Recoup. Rejoice. It works.

Life is the Moment,